Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding Recovery Tool Kit

KidSafe Programme Samples

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FP1 Training Manual Logistics & Essential Reading
FP1 Children’s Delivery Manual
FP2 Y2, 3 & 4 KidSafe children’s Delivery Manual

The KidSafe programmes are suitable for delivery from EYFS through to Yr 6 and beyond.

Our training kits contain high quality resources needed to deliver the KidSafe programmes

  • In depth fully scripted children’s delivery manuals
  • Videos of sessions being delivered to children
  • Video showing a full breakdown of the KidSafe Programme
  • Video overview and resources required to deliver a low-level Early Years Foundation Stage programme. The EYFS programme meets requirements for PSED early learning goals.
  • Video overview and resources required to deliver two age appropriate cyber bullying prevention workshops to children in Yr 3 & 4 and Yr 5 upwards
  • Ofsted and KCSiE (Full Document or 2 Page Summary), evidence which shows clearly how KidSafe UK Safeguarding meets statutory requirements for safeguarding children
  • Secure Cloud Storage access – all documentation is provided via our secure cloud storage, where you can view and download all the resources required for you to deliver KidSafe UK programmes.
  • KS (teaching aid), educator lanyard, framed school registered provider certificate
  • Set of 11 x A3 display posters (laminated) containing main messages from KidSafe UK Safeguarding.
  • PowerPoint outlining KidSafe programme for use with staff, governors and parents/carers.
  • An in depth training manual for any member of staff to use showing how to deliver KidSafe within your school – The manual is broken down into easy to follow units including:
    • KidSafe UK Safeguarding overview
    • Essential reading and KidSafe UK Safeguarding underpinning principles
    • Full programme content and how to use the programme effectively with children
    • Logistics, paperwork and guidance notes
    • How to deal with disclosures during a KidSafe session and a recap on safeguarding
    • How KidSafe UK Safeguarding meets statutory requirements, Ofsted and KCSiE (Full Document or 2 Page Summary) , including peer-on-peer abuse, PSHE and RSE.
    • Videos demonstrating how KidSafe UK Safeguarding benefits school from the perspective of KidSafe UK Safeguarding trained educator, Head teacher, Safeguarding Manager, DSL, Mental health lead and a School Counsellor.
    • ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
    • Using and applying KidSafe UK Safeguarding for optimum impact
    • Enhancing KidSafe UK Safeguarding in your school including PSHE
    • A unit specifically for Headteachers/SLT to deliver an optional two hour twilight/inset input on how to adopt KidSafe UK Safeguarding as a whole school approach.

For more information or to watch our video reviews to see just how effective the KidSafe programmes are, then please refer to our main Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding Recovery Tool Kit page.